What is FerBuy ?

FerBuy is a simple and safe payment solution based on the "buy now, pay later" concept. Through FerBuy you can shop from home and pay within 14 days. See below how simple this is.

How does FerBuy work?

Shop online

Choose FerBuy as your payment method

Enter your data in the form

We will send you a confirmation email

Wait for your order

Check your order

Pay within 14 days

FerBuy is here

See where you can buy now and pay later! FerBuy is available in more than 3000 e-shops in several countries : Poland, Czech Republic, Singapore. We are integrated with the most popular payment gateways, so you can easily find us almost everywhere.

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Why FerBuy?

Purchase safely

You can always check your order before you have to pay for it. No risk anymore!

Fast approval process

You will receive an approval result within 30 seconds in most cases.

Flexible payment

FerBuy is flexible. You have fourteen days to pay and you can also choose for easy instalments.

FerBuy is here

FerBuy offers you online shopping in more than 3000 e-shops in several countries. Now you can check before you pay- with FerBuy.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is FerBuy ?

FerBuy is a payment solution for online shops and shoppers. FerBuy allows online shoppers to purchase products on credit and pay in installments. FerBuy is simply a “buy now, pay later” -system which enables customers to buy without a credit card. For example, you may want to purchase a sale item while it is still in stock, but you still have a week or more until pay day. FerBuy gives you the option to purchase straight away and avoid missing out on a good deal.

Does FerBuy charge interest on my payment?

Every time you choose to use the safe and simple FerBuy payment option, you will receive a so called transaction invoice. The transaction invoice comes with no interest added. In each country we have a different business model. Sometimes we charge a small transaction fee and sometimes you can use FerBuy for free. If you choose to use our flexible solution and pay in installments, you will receive a monthly account statement which will collect all open transactions into one statement. The account statement includes one transaction fee and interest which is calculated from your open balance.

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About us

FerBuy is a simple and safe payment solution based on a “buy now, pay later” principle.

With FerBuy you can shop from home and pay within 14 days.

» Optionally, you can pay in instalments.
» FerBuy is a convenient solution for people who like to see and touch the product before making a payment.
» FerBuy is avaible in several countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Singapore, Bulgaria

FerBuy is part of Ferratum Group – a large, global financial company offering various financial services to consumers.

Ferratum Group is present in over twenty countries worldwide and has more than 1.7 million clients. Ferratum Group’s mission is ‘more than money to everyone’ and is focused on making financial products accessible for everyone.

FerBuy – part of Ferratum Group

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